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We are dedicated to providing the best dermatology care, the latest advanced technology, and most importantly – honest, solid advice. All too often, we are bombarded with mass media, internet information and consumer advertising regarding our skin care and treatment options.

This is confusing and keeps us wondering, “What really is the best treatment out there for me?” Whether you have been diagnosed with melanoma, have cystic acne, or you have dark circles under your eyes - we are dedicated to guiding you through your options and directing you to the most proven methods for cure and improvement. Our goal is to bring you an educated, research-backed approach so that our knowledge and expertise will translate into the right option for you.

Our doctors and staff stay abreast of the latest research and academic protocols that result in the most effective treatments and best outcomes. We do not recommend procedures that don’t work. Frequently, we are encouraged to buy the newest, “greatest” procedure…but that treatment may produce little results. It is our intention to sift through the hype for you and help you make an educated decision with the best outcome in mind. We also believe that everyone is human and fragile. With that in mind, we take every step to assure you are taken care of from the minute you step foot into our office until your journey is complete to your satisfaction.


Dr. Zena Gabriel designed a treatment pyramid to help simplify the range of aesthetic procedures available today. There are so many types of aesthetic treatments on the market that patients get confused. It’s hard to know the right path to take and to figure out what procedure is best for you.

The Treatment Pyramid is a paradigm that helps our patients understand the full range of aesthetic treatments and services available. The base of the pyramid begins with sunblock. This is the least invasive yet most important and relevant intervention we all must do. The pyramid peaks with a facelift which is considered an invasive surgical procedure and not relevant to all people.

Within the pyramid, Dr. Zena has stratified the treatments between MAINTENANCE and CORRECTION. Once we achieve radiant skin, we must “maintain” our healthy glow using some basic annual and daily treatments. We will recommend these maintenance therapies and customize a protocol for you to help you look radiant through all your skin's stages of life. However, if there is an aesthetic area that one wishes to CORRECT, then you move up the pyramid into the level of procedures that correct those flaws and imperfections. With this approach, Dr. Zena educates her patients and guides them toward the protocols that are individualized and relevant. This analysis is unique, customizable and very understandable so that each patient leaves with a meaningful, tangible and guiding tool. We will recommend these maintenance therapies and customize a protocol for you to help you look radiant through all your skin’s stages of life.


Dr. Zena has created a methodology for analyzing someone’s skin with a systematic approach. At times, we look at ourselves and see someone tired-looking or older than we feel. We’re not sure where the specific problem lies.

“Is my skin is dull?” “Are the circles under my eyes the main problem?” “Are my cheeks drooping?” These questions are common and can be misdirected.

Dr. Zena believes perfect skin has four features: Even COLOR, Smooth TEXTURE, ample VOLUME, and taut ELASTICITY. She uses this tool to analyze these four features independently so that her patients can target the specific areas of need.

No one wants to waste time and money on procedures that aren’t going to correct the problem. This methodology helps patients steer clear of those missteps and invest in options that make sense and show results.

Dr. Zena’s Signature Four is her unique analysis system. With it, she has helped thousands of patients achieve more radiant skin through personalized education and analysis.



Dr. Zena H. Gabriel has over a decade of extensive integrated experience in medical dermatology, surgical dermatology, Mohs Micrographic Surgery and aesthetic treatments. As a board-certified dermatologist, she addresses skin health from a multi-dimensional perspective. Utilizing her signature formula, Dr. Zena analyzes the four distinct skin care qualities that comprise perfect skin: color, texture, volume and elasticity. Coupled with her fresh perspective and no-nonsense approach, Dr. Zena helps patients design customized treatment plans to meet their overall aesthetic goals.


Dr. Donna M. West is a noted Southern California dermatologist in practice for over 14 years and a former faculty member of Loma Linda University. As a physician who is intimately involved in her patient’s care, Dr. West offers a complete array of services and procedures for medical, surgical and aesthetic dermatology. In addition, as a result of her PhD training in chemistry, Dr. West has extensive expertise and a unique perspective on skin. Dr. West’s motto is “Healthy skin is young skin.”

Jennifer Rosenfeld, NP - C

Jennifer is a certified nurse practitioner specializing in dermatology. She received two undergraduate degrees, and a master’s degree in Nursing from California State University, Long Beach. Dr. Zena trained Jennifer personally in Botox, Juvederm, and Radiesse injections, along with all of our other aesthetic services we offer.

Her ‘aesthetic eye’ and attention to detail make Jennifer a superb injector and facial volumizing expert. She is trained in laser technologies and can customize protocols for each individual skin type and need. Her extensive medical background gives her an edge in understanding skin pathology and analyzing the cosmetic and dermatologic needs of each patient.

Jennifer brings a unique knowledge to our practice and has the best bed-side manner in the industry. She listens deeply but also takes the time to educate and help guide her patients toward the most effective treatments. Jennifer is honest and forthright and will not simply ‘sell’ you something you do not need.

Jennifer is also an astute clinician in medical dermatology and understands the pathology of acne, psoriasis, skin malignancies and more. She is a skilled provider that can handle any skin condition and works hard to help her patients achieve healthy, radiant skin. Her emphasis on skin cancer prevention and total skin health positions her uniquely among her peers. She doesn’t just fix the problem at hand. She diligently works with her patients to help them repair damage and prevent progression and potentially serious complications. Jennifer is the consummate healthcare/dermatology provider and goes above and beyond her role as a nurse practitioner. We are lucky to work beside her at ZENA Medical and know her patients feel especially grateful to be under her care.

Karen K. Leong, MD Plastic Surgery and Femi-Surgical Enhancement

Dr. Karen K. Leong is a plastic surgeon who embraces the nuances of beauty and graceful aging.  Her understanding of the structural and soft tissue changes in the face and body allow her to treat each person with a thoughtful and comprehensive approach.  By combining empathy with a gentle yet direct manner, she journeys with her patients through their rejuvenation process. 

While her expertise and training is surgical, she believes in a more holistic beauty, thus combining Dr. Zena Gabriel’s signature formula for perfect skin and the office’s value driven philosophy with her surgical skills to achieve aesthetic harmony.  This helps each individual become a better version of themselves.

Along with a love of surgery comes great respect for the intricacies of the human body, particularly in the area of feminine health.  Femi-surgical enhancement is ZENA Medical’s comprehensive approach to women’s sexual health and well-being. Dr. Leong wants to have that conversation with you, to address your questions and concerns about changes to your intimate area whether it’s due to childbirth, trauma, or menopause.
Dr. Leong received her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and obtained her medical degree from Drexel University, Philadelphia.   Her plastic surgery residency was completed and Brown University and she continues to cultivate her expertise with a fellowship in cosmetic plastic surgery under the mentorship of Dr. Daniel Mills in Laguna Beach.

Steven Gabriel, MD FACEP, FAARM

Dr. Steven Gabriel believes that people can change. By embracing life-style changes, DNA support, and hormonal and nutritional supplementation, we can lead a more vibrant, beautiful and energetic life. Radiant skin, more energy, weight loss, improved sports performance, reversal of disease, better sleep, vision and an improved sex life are tremendous rewards. A metamorphosis that leads to these ends is worthwhile, life-altering, and within everyone’s reach.


Laura Reynolds is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years of medical and cosmetic dermatology experience. She received her nursing degree from Golden West College after attending California State University, Long Beach. In addition, Laura received her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Touro University International.

Laura has extensive knowledge in the dermatology field. Her professional experience and excellent communication skills contribute to the “complete” patient experience. Her educational conversations with her patients help them achieve optimal results from their treatments.

“I firmly believe that my patients deserve to fully understand what the procedure will accomplish… and why … and what they need to do to prolong the improvements. Education is extremely important in the process. I am happy to claim that my patients and I form a unique bond when we work together toward achieving the goal of great looking, healthy skin.”

In addition to being a Special Procedures nurse, Laura has worked in the capacity of Regional Trainer and Clinical Manager for national laser manufacturers such as Solta, the makers of the Fraxel Laser System, Syneron/Candela, Cynosure, and Lutronic Corporation.

Laura’s extensive experience is unparalleled with the laser technologies used in our practice. These include IPL, Sublative, Vascular, CO2, Tattoo removal, hair reduction, Fraxel, Infini and more. She also specializes in providing professional-grade chemical peels and PRP to stimulate collagen production and prolong the benefits of cosmetic treatments.

She is a leader with a vast fund of knowledge yet her greatest quality is that she connects with her patients with genuine warmth and sincerity.


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