Non-invasive body shaping is one of the most sought out procedures in the aesthetics arena. We utilize a combination approach with the UltraShape and VelaShape so that you get the best results possible. This combination is optimal because UltraShape melts the extra layer of fat and then we chase the treatment with a VelaShape procedure over the treated area. The VelaShape acts to increase circulation and it stimulate the skin tightening process. Together these procedures work synergistically to effectively eliminate those bulges and stubborn fat pockets to achieve a slimmed down, smoother, tighter area.

Nearly everyone is a candidate for this Ultra Vela Combo treatment. If you are overweight and simply hate the extra bulge in your belly or love handles…the Ultra Vela Combo treatment will trim down those pockets of fat and shrink them permanently without pain or downtime. The Ultra Vela combo procedure is a great way to get that slimmer body faster while you are working on your diet and losing that extra weight to achieve the body you want.

Some patients are already at their optimal weight; and despite working out and staying trim they have stubborn pockets of fat that don’t flatten or smooth out no matter how hard they work. These patients are excellent candidates for the Ultra Vela Combo treatment. With just three easy, painless procedures those resistant fat bulges can be melted and tightened permanently. Finally there is a solution to those stubborn areas of fat that never totally flatten regardless of our effort and genetics.