Dr. Steven Gabriel believes that people can change. By embracing life-style changes, DNA support, and hormonal and nutritional supplementation, we can lead a more vibrant, beautiful and energetic life. Radiant skin, more energy, weight loss, improved sports performance, reversal of disease, better sleep, vision and an improved sex life are tremendous rewards. A metamorphosis that leads to these ends is worthwhile, life-altering, and within everyone’s reach.

Dr. Gabriel’s interest in aging, health and optimum wellness began while at UCLA as a genetics major over 20 years ago. He saw that the key to optimum health and aging resides at the genetic level.

From UCLA, Dr. Gabriel went on to Downstate Medical Center in New York where he received his MD, and then went to UCLA Medical Center to specialize in and become Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. From there, he went on to do a Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Through his experience and training, it became clear to him that aging is simply an increasing time difference between cellular damage and repair. To break this down further, aging is caused by inflammation, oxidation, glycation and methylation problems, compounded by poor diet, poor sleep, chronic infections, toxins and stress. This, plus the ticking time-clock in your DNA causes all of us to age.

This broad range of understanding and training has driven him to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for both the acute and long-term health goals of his patients. Ultimately, his philosophy is based on a ground-up approach in which you assist your own body as it heals itself. Dr. Gabriel focuses on priming the body’s own system to regulate metabolism, immunity and repair with bio-identical treatments, platelet rich plasma and nutrients.

The result: You become younger from within.

Dr. Gabriel’s presence at ZENA Medical brings an innovative, game-changing perspective to our understanding of health, wellness and beauty. His private clients span the world, including Canada, Europe and Asia. His practice has engendered this broad reach because it is recognized for its integration of the most cutting-edge advancements in molecular biology and the most current anti-aging research.

He also practices emergency medicine, helping save lives from acute trauma and disease in the Emergency Department of Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside, California. Dr. Gabriel is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSD Medical Center. He has served on the Medical Executive Committee and has been the Residency Director at Tri-City Medical Center.

Dr. Gabriel’s novel protocols and treatment plans incorporate a comprehensive health analysis using laboratory and historical data. This allows him to customize a nutraceutical regimen that optimizes your system using the most effective products that are fire-tested in making a difference in the way you feel and live.


  •  UCLA – Genetics
  • Downstate Medical Center in New York
  • UCLA Medical Center, Board Certified – Emergency Medicine
  • Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine