Lip Therapy

Lip Therapy

What is Lip Rejuvenation?

Lip rejuvenation has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the last ten years. There are several celebrities who have put this procedure on the map. 

And there have been varying trends. At one point, huge lips were trendy. Now small, defined, plump lips are trendy. As cosmetic dermatologists, we anticipate trends to change, but one thing remains true about lip rejuvenation: lip anatomy is specific and should be evaluated in the context of the entire face

Lip rejuvenation isn’t just lip filler. It also includes:

  • Botox® for vertical lip lines
  • Lip filler for volume and definition
  • Lip lasers for resurfacing
  • Lip surgery for upper lip shortening

Is it All About Size?

Bigger lips are not the only answer to a more beautiful mouth. The lip is a very delicate and defined feature with critical proportions. The perfect lip tends to have an anatomical proportion where the upper-to-lower lip ratio is 1 to 1.6. This means the bottom lip should be about .6 times larger than the upper lip. Your lower lip should have a sweet little central pout. The perfect lip also has 70% of its fullness or volume between the outer nostrils. 

In addition, there is a very classic proportion in the lower third of the face where the upper lip to lower lip plus chin ratio should be one-third to two-thirds. As we age, the upper lip elongates. Therefore, the proportion becomes more like one-half to one-half, and this causes the observer to see the face as less youthful.

When we inject your lip, we’re keeping all these anatomical landmarks and classic proportions in mind. We do not just assume your lip is isolated from your face. We analyze your lip in relation to the rest of your face:

  • The width
  • The distance between the bottom nostrils and your upper lip margin
  • The vermilion border
  • The corners of your mouth and how they measure against the corners of your eyes and nostrils

One can see that fuller and bigger lips are not just the answer. But respectful proportions and a trained eye will give you a natural-looking lip while enhancing the overall look of your face. 

Who is a Candidate for Lip Enhancement?

We tend to reserve lip injections and lip enhancement for those over eighteen. We do believe the face structure changes throughout the teenage years, and lip augmentation should be reserved for those who have had their faces fully developed, similar to rhinoplasty.

Lip enhancement can involve:

  • Lip enlargement
  • More lip definition
  • More definition of the cupid’s bow
  • Lip elongation
  • Lip curl

There are many things to do to the lip to enhance it. The technique might be Botox® or neuromodulators plus a filler, or just Botox® alone, which achieves the famous lip flip. What Botox® achieves in the lip, if injected right into the vermilion border, is decreasing the muscle that pulls the lip down. This reduces the tone and lifts the lip; hence the “LIP FLIP”.

See your provider or dermatologist to see if you’re a candidate for a lip flip and give your lips a slightly fuller look without filler!

What Can I Expect With Lip Rejuvenation Treatment?

Depending on what procedure you get, an injection or a laser, will determine post treatment downtime. Any time a needle is introduced into the lip, there is a chance of bruising. 

Bruising occurs more commonly with filler because it is a deeper injection than lip Botox® or another modulator. 

Lip lasers, depending on what you do, could cause some peeling, scaling, and a couple of days of downtime. 

In addition to bruising, if a filler is injected into the labial artery, this can lead to an arterial occlusion, which can be an emergency. Arterial occlusion, although rare, should be managed by your provider or doctor and needs immediate attention (signs of lip occlusion include blanching, white skin, a darkening bruise that becomes purple over time, and if left alone, tissue necrosis). 

Why are We So Good at Lip Rejuvenation?

The providers at ZENA Medical are fully trained in lip anatomy and the proportions of the lip within the canvas of the face. Our goal is to achieve the patient’s desired outcome, either:

  • More volume
  • More definition
  • More eversion or flip
  • More hydrated and smooth

Depending on your desired results, we will analyze your lip and create a harmonious addition and balance to the overall canvas of your face. 

Lip rejuvenation is one of the most popular treatments in our office. Call for a consultation to see if we can help you achieve the lip you’ve always desired!


*Individual Results May Vary


*Individual Results May Vary