Accufit Muscle Sculpting


For people who want tighter, more defined muscles without hours of exercise,  Dr. Zena Gabriel at ZENA Medical is pleased to introduce Accufit™ Muscle Sculpting. Using the latest technology, this treatment can target specific muscle groups to provide intensive toning and contouring.

A toned abdomen is one of  the hardest things to achieve in the gym. Coupling your exercise and healthy diet with Accufit™ can help you achieve that toned and chiseled belly you’ve always dreamed of. 

How Does Accufit™ Muscle Sculpting Work?

Accufit™ muscle-sculpting uses electrical energy to stimulate muscle contractions. This causes the muscles to contract far faster than a person ever could during exercise. Accufit™ promotes muscle development the same way that exercise does, but without the time at the gym. 

Electrical signals tell muscles to contract. Accufit™ sends a steady flow of electrical energy to the targeted muscles, causing them to contract rapidly. The innovative applicators allow muscle sculpting of the abdominal muscles, buttocks, and thighs.  These electrical signals work more comfortably and effectively than the magnetic energy of treatments like EmSculpt®, providing a new, better method of muscle sculpting. Electrical stimulation is more specific and targeted so that the energy delivered works maximally on the muscle group. 

The key feature of Accufit™ is the delivery of energy is variable throughout the treatment so that the contraction of your muscle mimics natural dynamic exercise. 

Accufit™ mimics four different types of muscle movement to stimulate a complete workout, just like a trainer would recommend, but faster. These movements include twisting, holding, gripping, and tapping. This ensures that Accufit™ achieves a full three-dimensional muscle sculpting effect, unlike the magnetic devices on the market. It is also the only system capable of targeting the oblique muscle groups. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Accufit™ Muscle Sculpting?

Most people can receive Accufit™ muscle sculpting. However, people with any type of metal device or implant, or those with any electrical device like a pacemaker, should not undergo this treatment. 

What is the Accufit™ Muscle Sculpting Procedure Like?

Your ZENA Medical provider will place the applicators on the area the treatment will target. Treatment can target more than one area and usually takes from 30 to 45 minutes. You will feel your muscles responding to the electrical stimulation, but this should not cause any discomfort. 

We recommend a series of treatments, which can happen as often as every few days until desired results have been achieved. For many people, this takes about six sessions. These six sessions will have the same targeted muscle impact as many hours of exercise. 

Is There Any Downtime with Accufit™?

This procedure involves no downtime. You can return to your regular activities right after your treatment. You may feel soreness similar to the type you would feel after a workout, but this will resolve within a day or two. 

What Results Can I Expect from Muscle Sculpting?

You can expect muscle sculpting to begin after the first treatment and continue to improve over the following treatments. Accufit™ can provide visibly tightened and toned muscles. However, if the area has a layer of fat that covers the muscles, the results may not look as obvious. ZENA Medical offers body contouring procedures that can help reduce fat in these areas. 

Take the Next Step

Get toned and don’t just rely on the gym. Maximize your results by utilizing the latest technology for muscle toning. If you’d like to learn more about Accufit™ Muscle Sculpting, we encourage you to schedule a private consultation with your personal assessment at ZENA Medical in Newport Beach, California today. Call us at (949) 200-8222 or fill out our convenient online contact form. We look forward to meeting you!


*Individual Results May Vary


*Individual Results May Vary