Dr. Zena - The Skin Bar

Dr. Zena discusses the State of the Art, Zena Medical – Skin Bar.

Dr. Zena - Femi Surgical

Dr. Zena discusses Femi Surgical procedures available.

Dr. Zena - A Femi Surgical Story

Dr. Zena shares a personal story that affects many woman.

Dr. Zena - Philosophy

Dr. Zena discusses her aesthetic philosphy and why she believes that your skin is the most important organ in your body..

Dr. Zena - Discusses Acne

Dr. Zena discusses her process for treating Acne.

Dr. West - Thermage

Dr. West talks about the Thermage treatment and what to expect from procedure and results.

Dr. Zena - The Treatment Pyramid

Dr. Zena discusses the importance of understanding what are the various treatments of good, healthy skin care.

Dr. Zena - Skin Cancer

Dr. Zena discusses the various types of Skin Cancer and the best methods for treatment.

Dr. Zena - BodyShaping

Dr. Zena discusses how BodyShaping and contouring works.

Laura - Laser Nurse

Laura discusses the range of devices and applied treatments.

Microcurrent Treatment

Watch a patient receive a microcurrent treatment with Dr. Zena at ZENA Medical

Microcurrent Treatment

Dr. Zena discusses her go-to sunscreens. 

Dr. Gabriel - Weight Loss

Dr. Zena discusses the Sente Skin Care line. 

Dr. Zena - DNA Repair Cream

Dr. Zena discusses the benefits of the DNA Repair Cream Photozyne. 

Dr. Zena - Skin Care Essentials

Dr. Zena discusses the best skin care products. 

Dr. Zena - Drug Store Products

Dr. Zena discusses some of the best skin products you can get from a drug store. 

Dr. Zena - ZMD Skin Line

Dr. Zena discusses the ZMD Skin Line, available now at ZENA Medical. 

Dr. Zena - Female Hair Loss

Dr. Zena discusses female hair loss and some of the treatment options available at ZENA Medical. 

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