Defined Jawline

Defined Jawline

Find the right choice for you and achieve a sculpted, defined jawline.

Gravity and collagen loss can lead to loose skin and fat around the jaw, often called jowls. At ZENA Medical, we offer a range of treatments to match your goals, lifestyle, and personal preferences. A defined jawline can help you look younger, slimmer, and more confident. 

How Can I Get a Defined Jawline?

Several problems contribute to the loss of jaw definition, including loose skin, sagging fat, and loss of facial volume. We have a treatment method to restore a tight, sculpted jawline, whether you have mild laxity or noticeable sagging jowls

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can add shape and definition to the jaw and chin, making the jawline look firmer. We offer a variety of dermal fillers to meet your needs. Juvederm® and Restylane® families of fillers use hyaluronic acid. This molecule occurs naturally in youthful skin. Both offer thicker, more robust fillers specialized for adding facial volume and contour. Radiesse® uses CaHA, a mineral found in bones and teeth. It can add immediate volume and stimulate collagen production for longer-lasting results. 


Kybella® is the first injectable approved by the FDA to remove fat under the chin. This submental fat resists all attempts to remove it, but Kybella® breaks down the fat using deoxycholic acid. This molecule occurs in the digestive system and helps the body break down fat from the diet. It targets the fat cells in the submental area so the body can remove them. Over a few months, you will see your neck, chin, and jaw become tighter and more defined. 


Many facial procedures are now performed through minimally invasive methods. MyEllevate® uses an ICLED® light-guided suture system inserted through tiny incisions. The surgeon places a support mesh of sutures under the skin. This lifts and tightens the skin around the jawline, making it more defined. . Unlike a neck lift or facelift, this procedure has minimal downtime. Most people return to regular activities in a day or two. MyEllevate® works safely with most other procedures, including Kybella®, dermal fillers, and liposuction. 


Liposuction is an excellent method for removing excess fat around the jawline and neck. Your surgeon performs liposuction by inserting a small cannula through small incisions. The cannula removes fat under the jaw and chin using suction, breaking up and removing fat cells. Liposuction may be combined with other procedures to tighten the skin over the jawline for a firm, sculpted appearance if you have loose skin. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Defined Jawline Treatments?

Almost anyone will make a good candidate for one of the available treatments. If you have loose skin and fat around your jawline and want to get rid of it, these treatments can help. 


*Individual Results May Vary


*Individual Results May Vary