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ZENA Medical’s foundation is based on the trifecta of clinical dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.  These three areas are powered by board-certified medical professionals with extensive training and experience.  The ZENA Medical clinic was born as an elite dermatology practice in the heart of Newport Beach but evolved to incorporate plastic and reconstructive surgery.  This, along with an absolute dedication to excellent patient care as the capstone of practice vision, allows ZENA Medical to offer a truly unique and complete approach to skin, aesthetic medicine and surgical care.  

The physician team, with their combined expertise, collaborate on all things skin and even deeper – from skin cancer removal and surgical reconstructions to facelift surgeries coupled with laser resurfacing and comprehensive skin care.  The synergy between these two worlds offers the best possible outcome for our patients because we address all the facets of the human body from the superficial to the deep: skin, muscle, and bone.  

ZENA Medical’s dermatologist and plastic surgeon are bound by this common thread… we each appreciate the same subtle, artistic angle as the other that allows us to achieve natural results. Whether we recommend light fillers to enhance a facelift or laser scar resurfacing after a skin cancer procedure, we work in tandem to produce the optimal outcome.  

ZENA Medical represents the best in patient care because we stay true to our relationships and we always put our patients first.  Our desire is to be a trusted, evidence-based authority on advanced dermatological, aesthetic and surgical treatments. Our patients know they are receiving the most thoughtful and comprehensive care. We believe that dermatology and plastic surgery fit together perfectly; our goal is to bring harmony to your own natural look so that you can be and feel like a better version of yourself.  

Plastic Surgery


Face Lift: Gone are the days of a frozen look. For sagging facial skin, our surgical facelift gives natural-looking results. Get a youthful look you will love with facial rejuvenation surgery.

Neck Lift: Age, sun damage and weight fluctuations cause sagging skin especially around the jowl area. A surgical neck lift removes this excess skin for a more rested and youthful appearance. 

Rhinoplasty: If you’d like to improve the function or appearance of your nose, rhinoplasty may be right for you. This surgical procedure is the most commonly requested in the nation. Rhinoplasty improves breathing as well as facial symmetry with subtle changes to the tip or slope of the nose.

Chin Augmentation: For men and women, a defined jawline is often the final touch of detail to a well-rounded appearance. Chin augmentation surgically places an implant aligned with your exact features to balance out facial features. 

Contact us today to learn more about our facial procedures. We’ll take the time to understand your desires and partner with you to achieve the most natural look possible.


What if you could tighten the skin from the inside out versus lasers which heat skin from the top?

Renuvion® is a skin-tightening procedure that works under the skin to contract collagen fibers and provides significant tightening and smoothing results. Unlike a laser which heats skin from the top down…
Renuvion® uses a proprietary combination of radiofrequency and cold helium plasma to safely heat the tissue from INSIDE so the results are deeper and more significant. This minimally invasive treatment can enhance the results of liposuction, face and neck lifts, and other procedures working immediately to firm skin.

For those not ready for a scalpel and have exhausted all nonsurgical options but want immediate and lasting results, have you thought of MyEllevate? MyEllevate, a non-invasive neck lifting and tightening procedure, that lifts sagging skin using a suture system underneath the skin and can be done under local anesthesia. Get the light neck lift you’ve been wanting without the full surgery.  MyEllevate significantly lifts the sagging skin of your neck and produces a more defined chin and jawline WITHOUT surgery.

Croton Peel
Croton (phenol peel) is as old as cotton, but we now use it in a much better way. This peel is a modified phenol peel that penetrates deeply into the skin. Since it goes deep it not only gets rid of brown spots and blotchiness but also targets wrinkles and lines. The Croton Oil Peel can be done on the entire face for overall skin rejuvenation, or only in localized areas such as under the eyes or around the mouth to remove the vertical “smoker’s lines”. This is considered a deep peel and requires some “downtime” but the results are significant and impressive. Only one treatment is needed.


Eyelid Surgery: As early as age 40, men and women notice sagging eyelids. While normal, this change dramatically ages the face. ZENA Medical is specially trained in eyelid surgery from UCLA and performs this delicate procedure in-office in under 2 hours.

Brow Lift: Eyebrows frame our eyes and accentuate the positive – and the negative. Sagging brows that reflect stress and wear are easily rejuvenated into an alert and youthful appearance with a surgical brow lift.



Liposculpture: A surgical procedure that shapes and sculpts the body by removing fatty tissue from the body for good.

Tummy Tuck: Surgical option for sagging, excess skin due to weight loss or pregnancy.

Brazilian Butt Lift: A surgical procedure using a combination of fat transfer and liposuction to lift the backside. 

Mommy Makeover: If you long for your pre-pregnancy shape, this combination of procedures will address breasts, tummy, vaginal rejuvenation as well as excess skin and fat

Femi-Surgical Enhancement (Labiaplasty): Menopause, pregnancy, and certain medical treatments take a toll on the vagina. If you notice a decrease in your overall vaginal health, let’s have a real conversation about one of the most important parts of the body. 

Contact us today for your private consultation on body enhancement procedures to elevate your natural beauty.



Augmentation: Many women seek a positive change to the look and feel of their breasts, whether due to genes, age or weight fluctuations. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to improve the size, shape or fullness of the breasts.

Lift: If your breasts sag and have lost elasticity, a breast lift may be the solution. A breast lift is a surgical procedure to lift the breasts and remove excess skin for a more youthful appearance and feel. The results of a breast lift are immediately visible.

Reduction: Large breasts that are disproportionate with a woman’s natural body composition cause back problems, loss of confidence in certain clothes and are just a pain – literally. A breast reduction surgically reduces the size of the breasts to your desired shape and fullness.

Revision: If you’ve had a breast augmentation with complications or desire a new implant size, shape or material, consider breast revision surgery.  

Cancer Reconstruction: Cancer takes a toll on a woman’s body and feelings of femininity both through mastectomy as well as chemo and radiation. For survivors, breast reconstruction will restore or, if you desire, even improve upon the natural breast size, shape, and feel. 

Book a consultation now: Our all-woman practice understands first hand the power of femininity held by uniquely female features. Our holistic approach aims to achieve the most natural look possible aligned with your vision.


*Individual results may vary.


*Individual Results May Vary