How to Get Healthy Skin

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The path to healthy skin can be a complicated one, particularly if you have multiple concerns. Whether that’s the signs of aging, a clear complexion, correcting sun damage or other discolorations, or acne and its resultant scarring, the journey to healthy skin looks different for everyone. Dr. Zenovia Gabriel at ZENA Medical is passionate about educating and guiding her patients through their individual paths to healthy, radiant skin.

What is the Signature 4 Approach?

Dr. Gabriel, or Dr. Zena as she’s known to her patients, has spent her career researching all the ways in which skin health can be achieved. She does this not only with technology but also by listening carefully to her patients and gathering scientific data about all the treatments available. This gives her patients their best chance to achieve beautiful, glowing skin to look their best at every age.

It starts with the Signature 4 consultation, which analyzes four aspects of skin health: color, texture, volume, and elasticity.

Color concerns involve topical therapies, chemical peels, and laser treatments.

Texture problems, such as wrinkles or deepening lines, require treatments including BOTOX®, chemical peels, lasers, and facials.

Volume issues, such as mid-facial volume loss, are treated with static or stimulatory fillers.

Elasticity concerns may be addressed with face or eye lifts, other surgery options, or skin tightening devices.


Every patient receives a personalized infographic to take home which depicts their specific abnormalities and how they’re best treated. Dr. Zena will analyze your specific skin type, concern, and your aesthetic goals and provide education on exactly what treatments will address your skin’s unique condition. It’s highly personalized to provide the correct treatment levels while giving you insight into the level of invasiveness of your recommended treatments and what you can expect for recovery.

With 11 lasers available, Dr. Zena is capable of treating light, medium, moderate, and even severe skin problems. Her expertise with the lasers available at ZENA Medical is unmatched in Southern California. She will explain in detail how each laser approaches the corrections necessary with your customized Signature 4 analysis. 

Many of Dr. Zena’s patients get through the high-intensity sun exposure of summer and visit ZENA Medical in October for a treatment designed to buff and shine their complexion, or go deeper with laser skin resurfacing treatment. Her Rejuvenation Laser Guide provides detailed information on customized treatments, so patients know what to expect for downtime and results.

No matter your skin’s condition, at ZENA Medical, there’s a treatment plan for you that reaches the right balance of treatment. Dr. Zena does not recommend any treatments her patients do not need.

Skin Care Newport Beach

How Does Healthy Skin Consultation Work?

During your healthy skin consultation, Dr. Zena will analyze your skin’s condition as it relates to her Signature 4 approach to determine your color, texture, volume, and elasticity. Dr. Zena will work with you in her honest, thorough manner to determine the best treatments for your aesthetic and skin health goals.

How many times do you see a photo of a celebrity who’s had a successful treatment that results in amazing skin, and think, “I’d love skin like that!” Dr. Zena understands this urge, but she can help you find the treatment that’s right for you. Microneedling may be Kim Kardashian’s treatment of choice for healthy skin, but you may benefit more from a chemical peel or laser skin rejuvenation. Dr. Zena may recommend something with less downtime that produces even better results for your skin and its condition.

Because of this approach, you save money and time, avoid complications and minimize risks, and you’re doing what’s best for your skin, so your actual concerns are truly addressed. You’ll find that, in the hands of Dr. Zena and the ZENA Medical team, your skin can look and feel its absolute best without unnecessary treatments and procedures.

Why Trust ZENA Medical?

Board-certified physician Zenovia Gabriel has 15+ years of aesthetic dermatology experience, and she stays up-to-date with the latest technology. She attends an average of 9 conferences a year to stay at the forefront of Dermatology. Her belief in an honest, real approach to patient care serves you better through in-depth analysis of your skin and the appropriate level of treatment recommended for your individual skin health. There’s a reason Dr. Zena is at the top of her field, and her patients love her!

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