How to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation

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The unwanted darkening of your skin’s tone, otherwise known as Hyperpigmentation, can cause embarrassment, insecurity, and loss of self-confidence. There are many types of hyperpigmentation, and it can occur anywhere on the body. For many sufferers, hyperpigmentation impacts their social and professional lives and can cause a great deal of emotional distress. Dr. Zenovia at ZENA Medical believes you shouldn’t suffer from hyperpigmentation’s effects and has several treatment options to help.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

While hyperpigmentation is simply the excess production of melanin, its effects are anything but simple. The three most common types are sunspots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and melasma. Acne is a common cause of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and melasma is believed to be the result of hormonal changes. Patches can develop anywhere on the body but are most common on the face, hands, and stomach. Medications, pregnancy, excessive sun exposure, and even injury can contribute to hyperpigmentation.

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How Can I Treat Hyperpigmentation?

Fortunately, ZENA Medical has a plethora of potential hyperpigmentation treatments. We begin with a thorough assessment of your skin’s condition to determine the best treatment for you, including if you suffer from specialty dermatological disorders.

Accutane® treatment involves a low dose of an oral retinoic acid medication, one of the most effective available for acne treatment to prevent follicles from clogging while shrinking sebaceous glands and decreasing oil production. By reducing acne breakouts you are reducing your chances of developing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing focuses on both sun damage and acne scars, which often manifests as hyperpigmentation. Multiple laser beams create tiny micro-injuries around sun spots and brown patches, prompting your skin to heal the wounds with the creation of new, healthy skin cells. 

eCO2 Skin Resurfacing is another laser resurfacing option using fractionated ablation to break apart pigmented lesions. By targeting only a fraction of the skin’s surface with micro-wounds, the healing response generates new skin growth for the wounds and the bridges between them. Sun damage, age spots, and brown or red lesions are broken up to be absorbed by the skin.

Clarity can reverse sun damage with powerful, 2-wavelength laser energy that targets the reds and browns in your skin, damaging those cells so your body can replace them. Clarity does what it’s named to do, clear your skin of patchy, uneven skin tone. 

Photodynamic therapy combines light sensitive medication with laser therapy. The medication is a photosensitizing agent called levulinic acid, which is applied to your treatment area. “Bad” or metabolically active hyperpigmented cells absorb the acid after a period of incubation, and light or laser therapy begins. The laser energy reacts with the levulan to oxidize the unhealthy, hyperpigmented cells, resulting in their death. Even the most microscopic cell damage is treated. 

LaseMD specifically targets sun damage, dark spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation deep in the layers of your skin, attacking pigment spots at their core. Deep micro-channels are created in the skin by the beams, after which a specially formulated serum is applied to infuse deep in the dermis. Hyperpigmentation reacts to the serums, breaking down for reabsorption. 

Spectra™ Laser Treatment uses a photo enhancing carbon lotion for the laser energy to react to, focusing on brown spots. It’s the only FDA-approved laser that treats melasma and is safe for all skin types. Quick, nano pulses heat the pigment without damaging surrounding skin that worsens melasma. The carbon lotion lifts away the dead skin cells for a supple, smooth tone after treatment. Improvement is incremental with each treatment, but safer overall. 

PicoSure® has three wavelengths to target different shades of pigment. It shatters the hyperpigmentation in your skin into tiny particles, which the body reabsorbs and clears away. Its picosecond fast pulses convert the laser energy into pressure rather than heat, treating the melasma and hyperpigmentation at its source.

What Results Can I Expect?

Results are determined by the treatment you’ve chosen, but rest assured, if a treatment isn’t effective, ZENA Medical doesn’t offer it. Many laser treatments require multiple sessions to break down hyperpigmentation, reverse sun damage, and diminish melasma and brown spots completely, but with each treatment, your skin’s tone becomes clearer, more even, and less patchy, for the smooth, even complexion you’ve always wanted.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The number of hyperpigmentation treatments offered at ZENA Medical ensure we have options for every patient regardless of medical history, skin type, and condition of your hyperpigmentation. The best way to understand which treatment is right for you is to schedule a consultation with a ZENA Medical expert today.

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