How Does Thermage® Work?

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The skin-tightening treatment Thermage® has been around for many years, but it remains one of our most popular treatments at ZENA Medical. Its main gift is its ability to tighten skin by stimulating collagen production and thickening the dermis layer. Thermage® also excels as an anti-aging treatment to maintain healthy collagen levels. 

What is Thermage®?

Unlike a laser, Thermage® uses radiofrequency energy. This energy has a longer wavelength that allows it to travel into the deeper layers of the skin. This wavelength bypasses the outer layers of the skin, preventing them from absorbing heat, so there’s no surface damage from Thermage®. It acts on cells in the deeper part of the dermis, called fibroblasts. These cells begin to produce new collagen formation that supports and tightens your skin.

How Does Thermage® Work?

When considering skin anatomy, keep in mind that the thickness of the dermis and epidermis is approximately the same as a paperclip. Thermage® precisely targets the layers of the dermis where fibroblasts live. It energizes these collagen-producing cells, leading to a rejuvenating spike in neo-collagen. Since it bypasses the outer layers of skin, Thermage® causes no burning, no wounds, and no surface damage

What Results Will I See With Thermage®?

At ZENA Medical, we love Thermage® for its skin-tightening abilities. However, it is also popular for its anti-aging benefits. For people with firm, youthful skin, Thermage® can keep the dermis thick and healthy. This preventative treatment works better than any cream to hold off signs of aging. 

Most people only need one Thermage® treatment to achieve results. You will see your full results in about four to six months. At ZENA Medical, we recommend maintenance treatments every one to two years, depending on your individual response. 

Thermage® and Sculptra®

As another benefit of this versatile treatment, Thermage® can couple with Sculptra®, a collagen-stimulating dermal filler. When using these treatments together, your ZENA Medical provider injects Sculptra® into the deeper spaces in the tissue. One to two weeks later, you will have Thermage® treatment to jump-start your Sculptra® results. This is like a liquid facelift. 

Is There Any Downtime with Thermage®?

One of the many reasons for the popularity of Thermage® is that anyone can do it, and no one needs to know you had something done. Thermage® requires no downtime, and you can go back to your usual activities immediately. Unlike lasers, Thermage® causes no redness, flaking, or “coffee grounds.” There is no “recovery” period. 

Some people notice that their skin looks dewy and bright about a week after treatment. New collagen does not develop this quickly, so this glow results from minor swelling in response to treatment, but it is temporary. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Thermage®?

Nearly anyone makes a good candidate for Thermage®. Unlike some lasers, it is safe for all skin types and tones, including darker tones. With no downtime, Thermage® fits into any schedule. If you have skin laxity, early jowls, or want overall tightening, Thermage® is a good option for you. People looking for a powerful anti-aging treatment also make excellent candidates. 

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