Laser Skin Resurfacing: Which Laser is Right for Me?

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Laser skin resurfacing is a broad topic in dermatology. These procedures heat the skin to achieve more even color, smoother texture, and a more radiant complexion. At ZENA Medical, we specialize in laser skin resurfacing. We provide customized treatment with the most advanced technologies, as well as thorough post-treatment care. 

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing uses light energy at different wavelengths and intensities to provide anything from light buffing to intensive rejuvenation. It can fade hyperpigmentation, smooth out textural irregularities, and create an overall brighter complexion.

Which Laser Skin Treatment is Right for Me?

At ZENA Medical, we will customize your laser procedure based on three main parameters that we will discuss in your consultation:

  • What is your skin type?
  • How much downtime are you willing to sacrifice?
  • What is on your skin that you want to eliminate (brown spots, large pores, etc)?

We also consider a variety of other factors when recommending what laser treatment would be right for you. Too much heat or “trauma” to olive-toned skin can result in hyperpigmentation. The type of laser that would be best for you also depends on the extent of your textural issues. Large pores, lines, and other textural concerns require deeper treatment and specific lasers. 

We will choose a laser that treats all your skin concerns, works safely with your skin type, and fits your lifestyle.

What are My Laser Options?

At ZENA Medical, we offer the whole gamut of laser skin resurfacing because we know:

  • Everyone’s face is different
  • Everyone’s problems vary
  • Everyone’s skin tone differs

Our practice uses 11 FDA-approved lasers. We specialize in laser skin resurfacing and customizing it to your needs and your skin type. 

eCO Tone

At one end of the laser resurfacing spectrum, eCO Tone from Lutronic uses a CO2 laser at very low energy. It lightly buffs off the top dead layers, so the skin sloughs off in two to three days. It is painless and safe for all skin types. It provides a light “buff and shine”, so your skin looks dewy and bright for any holiday gathering or an everyday glow. 


The next level of treatment is LaseMD. This 1927nm thulium laser creates microchannels of injury below the surface of the skin. You can expect four to five days of downtime, followed by improvements in superficial pigmentation and fine textural abnormalities. The wonderful thing about LaseMD: it is coupled with an in-office hydrating mask and a take-home serum. 

In the weeks after your skin is “damaged” by any laser, it has a high regenerative capacity. Potent serums provide intensive care, and your skin is nourished and regenerated during the healing phase. Your ZENA Medical provider will help you optimize the unique opportunity to feed your skin powerful ingredients. 

Fraxel or Ultra

These two lasers operate at the same 1972nm wavelength but with more energy for even more, deeper results. They can significantly reduce pigmentation, eradicate brown spots, and improve deep textural issues. Remember that the deeper you go, the more intensive you go, and the better results you will have. However, this depends on whether your skin can tolerate that depth and heat. 


This fractional CO2 laser is an aggressive treatment for maximum rejuvenation. It is reserved for deep wrinkles and other significant textural changes like acne scars. This laser is not safe for skin tones of Fitzpatrick level 3 or above (olive-toned skin types or darker). 

Why See a Dermatologist for Laser Skin Resurfacing?

At ZENA Medical, Dr. Zena Gabriel and her team stand by their motto that the laser resurfacing procedure itself is important, but your aftercare is just as important in achieving your best results. While some providers simply perform the treatment and then “dump and run,” we support you through the critically important post-treatment care that maximizes your results.

We also choose the correct laser for your goals and skin type. We see so many adverse events, burns, and mistakes made from procedures done incorrectly at other offices, and our goal is to make sure this never happens. 

Take the Next Step

If you’d like to rejuvenate your skin with laser skin resurfacing, we encourage you to schedule a private consultation at ZENA Medical in Newport Beach, California today. Call us at (949) 200-8222 or fill out our convenient contact form on We look forward to meeting you!


*Individual Results May Vary

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