What is the Best Acne Treatment?

Newport Beach Acne Treatment

The self-consciousness acne causes is something we’ve all felt at one time or another. For people who suffer from acne regularly, that self-consciousness can chip away at emotional health. With Dr. Zenovia Gabriel at ZENA Medical, every patient with acne can achieve smooth, blemish-free skin with low-dose Accutane®.

How Does Accutane® Work?

Accutane® is one of the most common oral medications for treating acne because it works. How? It reduces the sebaceous (oil) glands in your skin to minimize how much oil is produced. Less oil leads to fewer clogged pores, so even cystic acne cannot develop. Even with a low dose, Accutane® is a powerhouse acne therapy. Dr. Zena prefers the low dose because it produces no side effects while still achieving your acne-free goals.

Am I a Good Candidate for Accutane®?

If you suffer from acne and its damaging effects—mental and physical—we highly recommend Accutane®, particularly if you’ve tried other products and medications that have failed. 

Your ZENA Medical dermatologist will take a full medical history during your comprehensive consultation to determine if Accutane® is safe for you. A low-dose prescription for Accutane® can save you significant money on less effective skincare products.

What is Accutane® Like?

Accutane® is a pill, making it particularly simple for teenagers uninterested in creams and complex skincare regimens to adhere to. ZENA Medical physicians commonly prescribe 40mg twice a week—2 pills per week instead of 7—which is a low enough dose to avoid the side effects like dry or red skin while still clearing up your skin. We’ve been prescribing low-dose Accutane® since the 90s, well before the practice gained popularity in Europe in the 2000s. So we have extensive evidence that we can achieve our patients’ goals to be acne-free.

Because Accutane® can have a harmful impact on a growing fetus, there are pregnancy testing requirements for some of our patients. This is not usually prohibitive, as most of our teenage patients are not planning families just yet. There is no negative effect on the reproductive system itself, nor will it impact future fertility. The only danger is to a growing fetus. So as long as our female patients prevent pregnancy if they’re sexually active, the medication is entirely safe.

What Results Can I Expect with Accutane®?

Whether you suffer from mild-to-moderate acne or deep cystic acne, Accutane® is proven to improve your skin. Patients on average experience their peak improvement around 8-12 weeks, though you may experience a noticeable reduction in acne within 2 weeks of taking your first dose of Accutane®. At ZENA Medical, we are confident we can help you achieve acne-free skin after 3 months, and we have years of treating patients to back up these remarkable results. 

We recommend you consistently nourish your lips and skin with moisturizer while on Accutane® to maintain a healthy balance to your complexion. Our 4-pronged approach—topical treatments, surgical extractions, laser procedures, and low-dose Accutane®—is your failsafe method to achieve a clear, acne-free complexion within just a few weeks.

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